Fine scale minatures and more
Years ago (1970s)in the in Manasquan NJ, I had a small fishing boat docked in one of the lagoons.  There was an old man who had his boat next to me.  Every day in the summer, he would drive up to the dock in an old Ford Model A.  There were fishing poles strapped to it, fishing gear an trophies inside and no floor boards.  Based on seeing his car, I always said that if I ever restore a car, it would be a green ford Model A coupe.  Years later I did.  During the summer of 2018, I was at a car show in Manasquan at the Inlet and, low and behold, the car was there in the same condition that I remember it.  It appeared that time stood still.  I spoke to the new owner and he said he purchased the car and the boat and is keeping just as was.  I was so excited to see that the car was still around and reminds me of happy times.  I still see the car driving around as the new owner is in Manasquan too.